G.H.O.U.L. - Ghost Hunters of Uncommon Leagues


               "Seek, and you shall find..."

Ghost Hunters of Uncommon Leagues, G.H.O.U.L., is a paranormal research society that was founded for the purpose to help find answers to the questions that we may all have about the understanding of the paranormal.  The name came about in 2004 and officially became a group in 2007.  

We do not charge for any of our investigations, or any part of our investigation process.  We do this as a service for those in need and to help our clients resolve any issues they may have with the paranormal for there are not many places/avenues to turn to.  We also do this to get a better understanding of the paranormal and the science of this field.  Remember, our services are FREE of charge!

Our Mission

G.H.O.U.L. approaches every investigation objectively and open-minded. We primarily use hard science to document any paranormal activity scientifically.  Our team tries to help our clients understand any occurrences they may be experiencing. Our goal is to help our clients, document any activity that may be occurring and try to explain, interpret, clarify, and reveal any evidence found to our clients. We will conduct our investigations professionally to find answers to any activity and resolve any issues. We strive in quality, professionalism and confidentiality!


G.H.O.U.L has investigated historic landmarks, private residences, businesses, national battle fields, cemeteries, abandoned buildings and other locations – all with proper permission and approval.

We are still scheduling investigations for the remainder of this year. Investigations are scheduled mainly on Saturdays. Contact us if you are in need of an investigation (free of charge) or would like to suggest a place for us to go.


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We are located in Marshall County, AL. 

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